Hi, my name is Eric Harris and I'm a professional Graphic Designer with 10 years of solid experience and well-rounded expertise.
I've been involved with art ever since I was 6 years old creating cartoons, then diving into fine art in college. While there, I developed expertise in computer design and received a bronze award for the BOLI competition in 2009 and was a finalist in 2010.
I work around the clock designing email blasts, Facebook ads, magazine ads, logos, oversized graphics, booklets, brochures and sell sheets. You name it and I'll do it or, chances are, I've already done it. 

My life is about art and music because it's always been a great passion of mine. With 10 years of design and marketing knowledge, I have a full understanding of how marketing funnels work with proven success.
I continue to grow personally and professionally by reading every day, because I believe if you want to lead, you have to read. I've recently started to experiment with animation and audio and plan to expand my horizons with After Effects.

My main goal is to always challenge myself and dive into every aspect of design that I can, as I would like to bring as much success to my employer and clients as possible.
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